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Nutrition for Home
Course Certificate

The fee for assessment and certification is included in the price of the course. However, the course can be completed with or without marked assignments – that is up to you. If you do decide that you would like to have them assessed and gain our certificate then you simply complete the assignments and send them in for marking. If you pass we will award you Alternative Training’s ‘Nutrition for Home Credit’ certificate.

Certification: Nutrition for Home Credit

This certificate is awarded if you successfully complete the course with tutor marking. It is a certificate of hours studied. Please note that completion of the Nutrition for home course does not permit you to practice. However, having completed the course you do have the option to continue your study with us if you decide that you would like to learn more or become a therapist.

Nutrition credit

Perfect for basic home and family health care

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Nutrition for Home

Nutrition for Home

Price includes:
Course study guide
Movie lectures
Tutor marking
1 Year study period