Nutrition for Home

Learn the basics of nutrition from the comfort of your own home. Take care of your family’s health in everyday situations. Learn the 14 principles of a nutritionally balanced diet and nutritional support for common conditions. Course includes case studies, health questionnaire, supplements and movie lectures.

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Units: 1-6
Study Hours: 20
Time: Estimated 1 month period (timing is up to you)
Enrolment period: 1 Year (with option to extend)
Books: Included with the course
Disc: 24 Movie lectures
Supplements: Multi-vitamin, Omega 3 and Immunovite
Partners: Cytoplan, The Healthy House and Pulsin
Certification: Basic Certificate in Nutrition

This introductory course in Nutrition will support you in understanding the basic principles of achieving a healthy whole food diet and to gain an awareness of the connection between food and health on all levels of your being.

It will enable you to make choices for your own health and lifestyle and those of friends and family. Making the links between nutrition and health and looking more in depth at specific conditions in relation to diet, you can begin to make lasting changes to your health.

This course is aimed at those who have little or no prior knowledge of the field of nutrition Study at home at your own pace. Learning aided by self-assessment questions with full assessment with certificate. Throughout the course, you will learn the 14 principles of a nutritionally balanced diet and look at 12 conditions you can support through Nutritional and lifestyle changes. Course includes 12 case studies.

We are all bombarded with daily nutrition reports within the media, stories of miracle foods, fad diets and supplements that claim to ‘change your health forever!’

We aim to take you step by step through the basics of ‘Wholefood’ and ‘Healthful’ nutrition, exploding a few myths along the way and embracing the amazing potential of healing the body through food. Once you have completed the course you should be able to make clear food and lifestyle choices to support health through yours and your family’s life stages.

So, what is in the package?

• Nutrition Course Manual
• Course Disc (24 Movie Lectures)
• Nutrition Book, The Food Doctor, Ian Marber & Vicki Edgson
• Nutrition Book, Gut, Giulia Enders
• Health Questionnaire
• Three Supplements from Cytoplan
• Protein Bar from Pulsin
• Discount vouchers for further study
• Discount vouchers for additional nutrition products
• Nutrition prospectus

The course is divided into 5 parts, each one building on the next as your knowledge grows. Self-assessment questions are asked throughout the course so you can monitor your knowledge. Model answers are provided in the answers section. Throughout the course, you will also find a variety of different tips and additional recommended reading. The course includes a health questionnaire that you can use as a starting point to the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional factors that may benefit your
overall health.

Perfect for basic home and family health care

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Nutrition for Home

Nutrition for Home

Price includes:
Course study guide
Movie lectures
Tutor marking
1 Year study period