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Nutrition Advisor Course Testimonials

"Thank you - the Nutrition course has really given me insight of food and helped me to look after me and my families diet and wellbeing"


Joanne Hunt, UK

The Alternative Training Nutrition course ticks all the boxes for me. Home study and a flexible time-frame allows me to balance my learning with other commitments, whilst the quick turn-around of assignments, tutor availability and clinical practice component mean that I am getting quality teaching input and interactive learning which is necessary for me to build skills and confidence.  The student sign-in area of the school’s website is an excellent resource should I wish to take advantage of it, and I particularly like that the school checks in with me to see how I am progressing, or to give me a gentle nudge when I might be struggling to stay focused!

I did my research before choosing Alternative Training to study with, and I could not find this combination of elements anywhere else. I'm really impressed!

Claus Mikosch, Spain

The main reason I wanted to do the nutrition course was very simple - as I was going to work as a professional in the health sector, I wanted to know at least the basics about general nutrition. "You are what you eat" is a simple but very true phrase - the best therapy won't work properly if the nutrition of the patient is poor. Therefore it is important to know at least to some extent about the consequences of an inappropriate diet, and to be able to give advice on some simple but powerful changes in diet. The course offered by "alternative training" is perfect. You learn the basics about nutrition without being overwhelmed by strange words, heaps of numbers and weird philosophies. Instead, you learn the common sense side of nutrition, the stuff that is actually logical and usable in every day practice. The assignments are fun to do, the support you get from the mentors is great and above all helpful, and the knowledge that you gain can be summed up like this - absolutely essential!

Jenny Whittick, UK

I found the Nutrition Course was very well written and presented. I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the 2 text books, one being from an alternative point of view and the other so scientific.

The knowledge, and practise cases from assignments, has enabled me to help my  clients especially when they really don't know where to start to make improvements to their diet.

I have found being able to explain to people why they should change their diet has helped them to make the changes. Most commonly it is a misunderstanding about blood sugar levels and two clients this year actually never needed their homeopathy after they changed from eating sweet sugary things to more complex carbohydrates.
Overall I think this course is an excellent Countinuing Proefessional Development tool because it makes you think about what goes in to the body as fuel and nutrients, alongside the alternative treatments like homeopathy or massage which people sometimes think will work well on their own.

It is good to be able to quote some facts at people to help them, eg why they need to drink more water, and what it is used for in the body has helped several teenagers to realise they need to drink more water. Previously I found teenagers have been reluctant because they think they are just being nagged.

Charu Ramesh, Singapore

I found this course very useful in terms of understanding nutritional needs. It was simple, easy to understand, yet very informative. It has helped me pay more attention to food and diet issues that come up in consultations especially with children. The Book on Diet and Nutrition By Rudolph Ballantine was especially helpful.

Christine Unland, Germany

The general presentation of the Nutrition course is good and it was everything that it meant to be - an add-on to a therapist - in my case a pharmacist. I liked the course level, and found that retained it well - it didn't go too much into detail but gave a good overview. I thought the amount of work was about right. The course certainly helps in my work life so I can only recommend doing it. I liked that I had 2 years time to complete because at some stage I moved and did a lot of travelling where I obviously didn't work on the course.



"The tutor assigned to me is supportive, encouraging and at hand to answer any questions"

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Nutrition Advisor Complete Course & Books (Correspondence)

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