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Anatomy & Physiology
Alternative Practitioners Course Testimonials

Barbara Feitl , Canada

I had fun working on this course for the summer! The human body (or any body for that matter) is truely amazing. I think the most important thing I am taking away from this course is to realise how it all fits and works together. Which is right where a holistic approach to medicine and healing comes in!

I found it to be all very convenient because there are no time restrictions. There was always support if I needed it and in general the course is so well done that if you read all the material carefully and do some of your own research it is very feasible to get it done!

The human body is truly fascinating and I can't begin to understand how someone can study it and then still think it is possible to "cure" by focusing treatment on one body part, thus solely suppressing symptoms without taking the whole connection into account. Our bodies are such well-developed machines, if you "treat" one part without taking the whole body into account, it is only logical that some time later, another part will fail. It is all connected!


Eddie Gardner, Canada

What I enjoyed most was getting to know what a marvel the human body is and how mysterious the brain works. What was important to me was being able to take the time to learn at my own pace in opposed to taking the course on someone else's schedule. Each time I e-mailed my assignments to my assigned tutor, I was very impressed with the speed with which I got my results and the comments that helped me understand where I needed to do more work. It was very encouraging and motivating for me to build on the momentum after I got my first few assignments done and they were successful.

I also enjoyed the layout of the texts, the workbook and the colouring book. The course challenged me to use more creativity and "right-brained" thinking. It took more time, but it was fun to do.

The books I got from the course will remain excellent reference material when dealing with various pathologies. My hands go up to those who have made this opportunity for people to learn about the human body and how it functions! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a practical, challenging, yet flexible and creative way to become familiar with a very complex subject.


Lettie Geldenhuys , South Africa

I am a happily married South African woman, with a PhD in Computer Science and a long business career behind me, lately working as a freelance consultant in IT education. But my interest is homeopathy and, pursuing that now that my three children have grown up, I enrolled for the homeopathy course, which is fortunately (partly) available through distance education.

I thoroughly enjoy the course, not only the homeopathy part, but also the anatomy and physiology. I have completed seven homeopathy units and am busy with the last A&P unit. I have had no formal A&P training before, but I think that the course, with a stimulating and challenging content, provides a solid foundation for alternative medicine training, as may be required.

It is a great challenge to study all on your own but the course content, which is so thought provoking and well presented, does compensate to an extent. More important though, are the much appreciated support and encouragement that I have received form the tutors.

I first came to homeopathy when a brilliant true classical homeopath, Dr H F Kamp, successfully treated my eldest child when she was three months old after pediatricians and ENT specialists failed to identify her health problem(s) and/or the cause thereof. I was not familiar with homeopathy then but realized that it was the only real honorable medicine practice.

My goal/dream is to become a professional homeopath and I believe that I will, after completing the course, have many opportunities to help people to "get well soon" and I am lucky that my husband Deon, a business analyst, is supporting me all the way.


Sasha Shempliner , USA

Since the course is designed for alternative practitioners it was not too heavy, but for me it was very inspiring. It opened my eyes and my mind to how beautiful nature is, how highly organised it is, how everything is so interconnected, related and influenced by everything else. It made me appreciate life itself even more. Every day I am more amazed by how rich and infinite the process of life is.

"Every day I am more amazed by how rich and infinite the process of life is"

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Anatomy & Physiology for Alternative Practitioners Complete Course (Correspondence)

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