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"studying from home at your own pace - so easy!"

"studying from home at your own pace - so easy!"

"studying from home at your own pace - so easy"

Distance learning courses in alternative medicine

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Homeopathy Courses

Get inspired, learn something new and look after your family's wellbeing. Or take your study further and become a homeopath! Start a career in healthcare with 5 courses to select from: beginner to practitioner level, by home study or part-time attendance.

Homeopathy First Aid Course

Learn the basics of homeopathic first aid prescribing from the comfort of your own home. Take care of your family's health in everyday situations. Course includes a kit of 36 homeopathic remedies for immediate use, course manual, DVD and books.

Nutrition Course

Discover the truth about food and learn the basics of nutrition, or become a fully trained Nutritional Therapist. Whether for personal use or the start of a new career, we have the course for you.

Yoga Course

Explore the deeper knowledge of yoga and broaden your understanding of the basic principles and values by learning about the philosophy, origins and teachings. The course is idea for those in practice that want to learn about the philosophy of yoga.

Anatomy & Physiology Courses

Be amazed and discover the wonders of the human body. The perfect foundation course in medical science, for students and practitioners of all alternative therapies. Study in the comfort of your own home. No prior medical training is required to do our courses.

Pathology & Disease Courses

Learn about disease so you can communicate with the medical profession and deepen your knowledge. Enrol at any time and go at your own pace. The complete package has a contemporary design, is well written and easy to follow all the way to your certificate. .

About Alternative Training

Alternative Training is recognised as a leader providing home study courses for alternative medicine. Founded in 1987, the company stands for quality and the highest levels of student support. It has helped countless students spread their wings and take flight into the world of alternative medicine.

Since the course is designed for alternative practitioners it was not too heavy, but for me it was very inspiring. It opened my eyes and my mind to how beautiful nature is, how highly organised it is, how everything is so interconnected, related and influenced by everything else. It made me appreciate life itself even more. Every day I am more amazed by how rich and infinite the process of life is.

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An essential range of homeopathy books


Cherry pick from over 90 different homeopathy CDs


Buy or watch free movies on homeopathy!


Kits contains ranges of homeopathic remedies


Does the weight of evidence signal the end of Homeopathy ?

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recently completed a review of the evidence for homeopathy?s effectiveness. more

Mesmerised - Homeopath Michelle Shine's Debut Novel

Homeopath Michelle Shine has written a book called Mesmerised. It is her debut novel, narrated by Dr Paul Gachet, friend and homeopath to the Impressionists more

The Vindication of Jacques Benveniste

October's entry of The John Benneth Journal saw some interesting revelations about the vindication of Jacques Benveniste and early evidence for homeopathy more

The Truth about the Advertising Standards Authority

The Truth about the Advertising Standards Authority, Dr Alyssa Burns Hill, CAM more

Five Homeopathic Remedies for the Treatment of Heartburn, GERD and Acid Reflux

Homeopathy offers a selection of remedies for the treatment of heartburn and painful acid reflux symptoms. more

Proof for Homeopathy

John Benneth looks deeper into the molecular chemistry behind homeopathy more